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Bodyscene Re-opening April 12th 2021

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Club Reopening Q&A Guide

Following the recent PM update on 05.04.21 we are pleased to announce that Bodyscene Leisure Club with reopen our doors one again on:

Monday 12th April 2020 at 06:00

To ensure that safety and distancing are prioritised, the Government have announced a phased opening procedure for gyms, swimming pools, exercise classes and the Sauna/Steam Rooms. This approach will allow for the management of social distancing whilst maximising safety.

Please ensure that social distancing and signage is observed during your visit and apply hand sanitiser on arrival.

Please DO NOT visit the club if you experience any of the known symptoms linked with Covid-19 (raised temperature, persistent cough, difficulty breathing, or Anosmia e.g. loss of taste or smell).

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 06:00-22:00

Friday 06:00-21:00

Saturday-Sunday 07:00-21:00

Will Social Distancing still be in effect?

Yes. We are still operating under the Government Social Distancing Guidelines as before. Rules in place prior to the Lockdown do still apply.

Pending confirmation from the Government on 21.06.21, we may be in a position to relax or remove restrictions at that point, including the need to pre-book to use the facilities. However we will confirm this is the case before it comes into effect.

What will open and when?

The online booking system will go Live 7 days in advance to book activities to use the Gym and Swimming Pool. Bookings must be made prior to visiting via a link on our Website and Facebook Pages.

The UK Government requires that we support a track and trace initiative by collecting contact details from any guests visiting our Leisure Club. Any information you give will be held securely and will be used strictly for track and trace purposes. To enable track and trace you will be required to create your own log during the booking process.

Monday 12th April 2021 – The Gym and Swimming Pool will open

Monday 17th May 2021 - Group Exercise Classes will resume. The booking system will open 7 days in advance. The Sauna and Steam Rooms will reopen.

What will happen with memberships?

We will be unfreezing all memberships currently on hold beginning 1st May 2021.

We will not be taking any payments during April.

If you would like to request a freeze of your membership (maximum 3 months. Refer to t’s&c’s) before DD payments resume or have a cancellation request, please inform us via email:

What will entry to the club be like?

The card swipe turnstile will be out of action to reduce surface contact. Please download and register your attendance on the NHS App (optional), sanitise your hands, hold your card under the hand scanner on arrival, along with displaying your booking confirmation on your phone and a member of our team will register your attendance and open the gate.

Do I need to wear a face mask in the club?

During exercise = NO

All other times = YES

Whilst in reception, entering and exiting the club we will require you to wear a face mask. This is to promote safety for our staff and other members.

Do I have to pre-book to use the facilities?

Yes. We require advanced bookings in line with the Government guidelines and for our team to manage capacity, social distancing and to support track and trace.

Bookings can be made via our website

Please cancel any pre-booked sessions at the earliest convenience should you be unable to attend. This will free up a space which can be taken by another person. We reserve the option to freeze bookings for 24 hours for members who regularly no-show pre-booked activities.

Whilst we are encouraging pre-booking online, for those members without internet access we are able to offer in club and telephone bookings during opening hours. This option may require a period of waiting whilst a member of our staff becomes available.

If I have previously cancelled my membership can I re-join?

The period of lockdown proved an unprecedented and uncertain time for everyone. Memberships were cancelled for a variety of reasons. We understand from feedback that with social distancing in place and vaccinations taking place, some people now wish to return. Exercise is recommended to boost ones immune system and should you wish to return, we are welcoming you back.

To arrange an appointment to re-join in advance please email

If you are wanting to join Bodyscene for the first time please also enquire via email.

Can I pay with Cash in the club?

Yes, however we are encouraging contactless payments.

Can I use public toilets?

Yes. A toilet has been fitted inside the entrance area, along with access to a second toilet on the first floor in the Mind & Body Room. For users of the changing rooms, the toilets will also be open.

Will the Swimming Pool be open?

Yes. The pool will be open from 12th April. A maximum capacity of 10 swimmers at one time permitted.

Please aim to swim rather than bathe. Swim up and down to assist distancing.

We recommend the wearing of flip flops on poolside to reduce contact with the floor. We have removed the use of our floats, woggles and water weights for hygiene purposes. Bringing your own float is permitted.

Will the Sauna, Steam Room and Spa Pool be open?

Not at first. As per the Government guidelines the Sauna and Steam Rooms will remain closed at first and will open Monday 17th May with a maximum capacity of 3 at once per room.

Will the Changing Rooms be open for all members?

The changing rooms will be open for use however we recommend changing and showering at home if possible. i.e. if you are only using the gym.

Where possible please do not use a locker next to one already occupied. Please also leave belongings in cars where possible.

AirCon units will NOT be in use.

Children’s Swimming Lessons

Having not been able to run swimming lessons during the pandemic we have made the decision to move the business in a different direction post lockdown and therefore we are not to relaunching swimming lessons. Pool access for Under 16’s will continue.

What will the Gym look like?

Cardio equipment is arranged to allow a safe 2m distance between kit. Only 2 items have been placed out of use due to floor space. 1 x Vario Trainer & 1 x Hand Cycle.

All treadmills, X-Trainers, Bikes, Rowers (upstairs), Stairmaster, HIIT Ube Hand Cycle, 1x Vario and 1x Hand Cycle are in use.

A maximum capacity of 28 people per hour is in place.

Signage will be placed in the free weight and fixed resistance areas as a guide. Whilst no machines will be placed out of use, social distancing must be followed when moving around the areas and waiting for the use of machines.

You must sanitise and wipe all equipment down after each use. You will be expected to replace your own weights.

Blue Roll and Sanitiser spray is provided for your convenience.

We are not permitted to use Air-Conditioning units in the club. Doors and Windows will be opened to allow fresh air flow.

Will Group Exercise Classes be on and how are they affected?

Group Exercise classes will relaunch on Monday 17th May.

Due to social distancing, the max capacity in the Energy Centre = 12 persons. The Mind and Body Capacity = 12 persons

A minimum 15 minute gap has been set between classes within the same studio to reduce member cross over, allow for cleaning/set up and eliminate the need to wait in reception for a class to begin.

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before a class and enter the studio straight away without waiting in the reception area.

We request that you arrive in fitness clothing, bring a water bottle to stay hydrated + towel and where possible, provide your own equipment such as Yoga/Pilates mats and Boxing Gloves/Focus Mitts.

We will be providing these items, however in the interest of hygiene our aim is to minimise use.

Thank you,

The Bodyscene Team

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