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Restrictions lifting - July 19th

We're pleased to announce that following the recent Government update, we are able to remove or reduce the following Covid-safe restrictions currently in place in Bodyscene Leisure Club.

July 19th onwards.

There will not be a need to pre-book to use the Swimming Pool or Fitness Gym. The booking system for these areas will be removed and the club will be all access, anytime as it was before the restrictions were put in place.

There will no longer be a requirement to wear a facemask in the reception area. Facemasks will become optional wear. Should you wish to continue to wear a facemask we welcome your choice.

Bookings for exercise classes will remain in place, however the maximum capacity will be increased:

Energy Centre = 18 Spaces

Group Cycling & Insanity = 14 Spaces

Mind & Body Room = 22 Spaces

The requirement to socially distance will not be necessary. Please create the desired space that is personal to yourself.

In the interest in cleanliness, please continue to sanitise machines and equipment after use in both the fitness gym and studio's. Centrefeed roll and sanitiser bottles will be provided.

We would like to thank all or members for helping to keep everyone safe over the last 12 months and it's thanks to you that we have remained a safe place to attend.

The Bodyscene Team

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