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Sauna & Steam Rooms OPEN!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

As of 01/10/2020, the Government have updated their policy on the website allowing Leisure Clubs and Spas to reopen Sauna’s and Steam Room’s, providing rules on usage and distancing are adhered to at all times.

Guide for Safe and Fair Use

*A booking for the Swimming Pool is required to use the Spa Pool, Sauna and Steam Rooms

*THREE person’s maximum at any one time

*Seated at opposite corners to ensure 2m social distancing is observed

*Please spend a maximum of 10 minutes in a room to allow others a turn

*Staff will need access throughout the day. We may need to periodically turn off both rooms to perform deep cleans

Please note that the Government may change their guidelines periodically based on reviewing usage and in line with the scientific evidence. May we ask that you keep to these rules and do your part to support Bodyscene in helping keeping these rooms open for all members and guests. We thank you.

The Bodyscene Team


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