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Our Green Policy


Living today, protecting tomorrow


Aston Hall Hotel recognise our responsibility of our actions and activities and the wider impact this can have globally. Considering this, we have put together our green policy below to comply with all relevant legislation and to reduce our carbon footprint on the global environment.

As a business we are striving to make environmental and social impact best practice by reducing, reusing and recycling materials where possible. Our current rating is Bronze which we are hoping to improve very soon.


Examples of this include:

  • Recycling glass, cardboard and paper

  • Using recycled paper, where possible

  • Using energy saving light bulbs

  • Bedrooms fitted with electricity saving key operated activation points

  • Weekly tracking of energy consumption

  • Bedrooms have independent thermostats

  • Recycling of cooking oil through licensed contractors

  • Dual flush toilets to save water

  • Save-a-Flush bags in all toilets

  • Where possible, favour local suppliers to reduce transportation consumption

  • Training of all staff to be more responsible and reduce their impact on the environment

  • To employ local people, where possible

  • Supporting local charities and fundraising activities

  • Limiting noise pollution

  • Actively promoting public transportation and walking, cycling breaks

  • Two electric car charging stations available for all of our guests, free of charge

  • Use of super concentrate cleaning products, meaning less waste plastic, less weight and less storage required

  • All of our linen is washed with phosphate free soap detergents

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