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Lockdown Membership Update

Following the 31/10 update made by the Prime Minister and Government officials, it is confirmed that we move into a second National Lockdown effect from Thursday 05/11 and in turn, Bodyscene Leisure Club will temporarily close at 10pm on Wednesday evening until 03/12 (predicted).

You will notice that the November Direct Debit will be processed by your bank as normal this week.

This is because we have to present the information to our bank for processing about one week before the payment is due on the first of the month. The task was completed as usual last week whilst remaining in Tier 3 with the knowledge that Leisure Facilities were remaining Open; well before the Government’s decision and announcement that came yesterday.

All payments received will be used to pay for your first month’s membership subscription after Bodyscene reopens, hopefully in early December as predicted at the time of writing. In the event that the lockdown is extended further, we will not instruct any DD payments until we have reopened and the first month subscription has been applied. There is no need to make changes to your membership or payment instruction as it will freeze.

Enquires about membership can be made via our website and we will ensure that our (new) web page is updated regularly with the latest News and developments as we hear them.

Please be patient as we will have very limited staff resources following the re-imposition of a National Lockdown, but we will deal with any enquires as quickly as we possibly can.

Thank you for your continued support, for your loyalty and understanding during this very unpredictable time.

Once again we will pause and then restart. We will see you all soon.

The Bodyscene Team.

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